My name is Eric Ralls and I'm a web designer.

My name is Eric Ralls and I’m a designer & developer from Indianapolis, Indiana.
I create solutions that work.


I've had a passion for great design ever since I got my first Lego set as a kid. (It was a pirate ship, by the way.) The possibilities when I dumped a new box of little colored bricks on the floor and got to work fascinated me. Pouring over magazines, posters and comic books, it wasn't long before I got interested in the Internet and designing for a screen.

Today's web is a much different place from where it was 15 years ago. I constantly strive to design websites and web apps that stay at the forefront of an evolving virtual frontier.


I built my first website 15 years ago and it wasn't very impressive. Aside from my beginner skills, much of the web was also plagued by limited technology. Now the web has beautiful designs on hi-res screens and the technology has adapted to meet the needs of an online world. From HTML5 & CSS3 to JQuery and ActionScript, I build adaptive & responsive websites and interactive applications that engage the user and promote seamless interaction.

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